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04/30/2014 4.5 MB Alecia
This self-assessment tool is designed to help educators reflect upon their current teaching practices that impact student SEL, and their own SEL competencies to implement those teaching practices. Published April 2014, GTL Center
04/30/2014 863.8 KB Alecia
This tool helps teachers and leaders generate constructive dialogue about the types of supports that should be made available to help all teachers become more effective. Published April 2014, NNSTOY and GTL Center
04/30/2014 1.7 MB Alecia
This report analyzes the professional experiences and supports that STOYs believe most influenced their growth and eventual excellence as a teacher, published April 2014, GTL Center and NNSTOY.
02/20/2014 899.6 KB Alecia
Many states and districts have begun to alter their original, one-size-fits-all evaluation processes to bring greater quality and efficiency to their evaluation systems. This brief explores different strategies in nine districts.
11/27/2013 1.6 MB Alecia
This paper describes the findings from a study on the factors that predict teacher layoffs and presents some speculative evidence on the implications of layoff policies on student achievement.
11/11/2013 499.5 KB Alecia
This report reviews the literature on two categories of alternative measures for evaluating teachers: alternative student outcome measures used in statistical growth and teacher developed SLOs used for measuring growth. Tags: SLO, Multiple Measures
10/30/2013 1.8 MB Alecia
This report provides an up-to-date lay of the land on teacher evaluation policies and identified which states are on the right path and which are not.
10/23/2013 1.5 MB Alecia
This paper considers if performance-based incentives that are based upon rigorous teacher evaluations can improve teacher retention and performance.
10/15/2013 1.3 MB Alecia
This paper will show that different states have taken different approaches to developing and implementing teacher performance systems and key elements for evaluations. Tags: change, professional development, value-added
10/11/2013 403.4 KB Alecia
This paper explores the challenges of counting student performance toward teacher growth and identifies ways that teacher-student data linkages can be strengthened and successfully implemented. Tags: accountability, multiple-measures
10/11/2013 430.8 KB Alecia
This paper identifies strategies for choosing a value-added model that accounts for school contributions as well as teachers' individual contributions and creates appropriate incentives for teachers. Tags: assessment, Title I, Minority
10/11/2013 550.9 KB Alecia
This paper investigates whether the bias and error introduced by these approaches erode the ability of evaluation systems to reliably identify teachers performance based on long-term VA productivity. Tags: value-added, multiple measures
09/30/2013 1.8 MB Alecia
This report presents findings from the first large-scale random assignment study of secondary math teachers from Teach for America and teaching fellow programs. Tags:Recruitment, qualified teachers, preparation, equity,
08/30/2013 331.6 KB Alecia
This brief considers the problem of using value‚Äźadded scores to compare teachers who work in different schools.
06/21/2013 315 KB Valerie Nyberg
This report examines the ways Denver has created active leadership roles for teachers and the union, as well as many informal and anonymous channels for teachers to provide feedback and guidance on this initiative.
06/13/2013 23 KB Site Admin
06/03/2013 1.7 MB Valerie Nyberg
This the final report from the International Summit on the Teaching Professions. Based on three focal questions discussed at the Summit, this report addresses the issue of teacher quality and how teacher evaluation contributes to teaching and learning.
04/30/2013 3 MB Valerie Nyberg
This report promotes using teacher surveys to inform specific actions that address issues raised in the teacher evaluation process. Through surveys, teachers and principals can establish ongoing two-way feedback loops around continuous improvement.
04/17/2013 963.9 KB Valerie Nyberg
This Carnegie Foundation report points out that misclassification errors are a part of the decisions that rely on grouping teachers. As such, it calls for caution until we better understand the new evaluation systems.
04/17/2013 655.2 KB Valerie Nyberg
This report reviews the Edvance Research about TFA impact on achievement. There were numerous issues with the sample construction, matching procedures, and statistical analyses lead us to conclude the outcomes cannot be attribute to TFA teachers.

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