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12/04/2014 313 KB Site Admin
06/18/2014 2.1 MB Alecia
This report evaluates 1,600 colleges and universities that prepare elementary and secondary teachers. National Council on Teacher Quality, June 2014
06/05/2014 410.7 KB Alecia
This report explores the causes, conditions, and consequences of what may be a permanent shift towards a less-experienced profession. It points to promising solution as well. Carnegie Foundation, May 2014.
04/10/2014 173.1 KB Alecia
This brief offers recommendations for a new federal approach to addressing current issues with educator preparation and advancement policies that recognize the need to move quickly, yet thoughtfully, to promote better prepared teachers and school leaders.
02/12/2014 654.2 KB Alecia
This study uses a unique longitudinal sample of student teachers (“interns”) from six Washington state teacher training institutions to investigate patterns of entry into the teaching workforce.
12/11/2013 1.3 MB Alecia
This report from the National Council on Teacher Quality investigates the extent to which America’s traditional teacher preparation programs offer research-based strategies to their teacher candidates to help them better manage their classrooms.
12/10/2013 397.4 KB Circe
Louisiana Alternate Screens/Assessments/Evidence for Teacher Preparation Programs, from Jeanne Burns
12/10/2013 392.5 KB Circe
Louisiana Screens/Assessments/Evidence for Teacher Preparation Programs, from Jeanne Burns
12/10/2013 23.9 KB Circe
From Jeanne Burns
12/10/2013 24.7 KB Circe
Teacher Preparation Transformation Guide, from Jeanne Burns
12/10/2013 250.1 KB Circe
Draft Teacher Preparation Transformation 2.0, from Jeanne Burns
12/10/2013 111.1 KB Circe
Teacher Preparation Transformation 1.0, from Jeanne Burns
12/02/2013 82.1 KB Circe
The Executive Summary of the 2013 Report, "Evaluation of Teacher Preparation Programs: Purposes, Methods, and Policy Options,"
10/28/2013 1.7 MB Alecia
10/25/2013 403.6 KB Alecia
This document shares expert perspectives on teacher-preparation programs in the digital age, including advice for prospective teachers, transitioning to a learner-centered instructional model, state certification requirements, and ELL need.
10/22/2013 189 KB Alecia
07/09/2013 576.7 KB Circe
CAEP ACCREDITATION STANDARDS AND EVIDENCE: Aspirations for Educator Preparation. These are recommendations from the CAEP Commission on Standards and Performance Reporting to the CAEP Board of Directors, for action in August.
06/18/2013 2.6 MB Valerie Nyberg
This report evaluates 1,100 colleges and universities that prepare elementary and secondary teachers. Intended to provide consumers (aspiring teachers, parents, and school districts) with information to compare programs.
05/16/2013 539.1 KB Valerie Nyberg
This is a PDF form of the online application for the pilot of the education preparation recommendations stemming from the Our Promise, Our Responsibility Task Force report.
03/22/2013 897.4 KB Valerie Nyberg
This AACTE report covering 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 school years provides a snapshot of teacher preparation undergoing transformations, yet reveals that despite the increasing diversity of the student population, new teachers remain overwhelmingly White.

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