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04/09/2014 1.2 MB Alecia
This report presents results from Gallup’s research on the conditions that lead to high-quality learning environments and promote student achievement.
08/30/2013 4.3 MB Site Admin
This groundbreaking study attempts to “segment” U.S. parents into distinguishable groups, each with its own set of values, priorities, and preferences regarding education.
06/13/2013 1005.9 KB Site Admin
This report looks at graduation requirements to see how they align with the Common Core, particularly in math. Only 11 Common Core states meet this definition of alignment, and requirements in 13 are partially aligned.
04/03/2013 181.1 KB Valerie Nyberg
Analyzing data from the 2009 PISA, this report shows that many American middle-class students lag behind their international counterparts. However some of the 105 schools in the pilot study are global leaders. Lessons learned are provided for ed leaders.
02/21/2013 4.6 MB Valerie Nyberg
This survey report by MetLife focuses on how teachers and principals view the responsibilities and challenges of leadership in schools as they implement CCSS to increase student success in school and beyond.
02/13/2013 1.1 MB Site Admin
This report follows the 2012 "Preparing for Change" report. This report provides specific details of CCSS-related implementation plans including changes in teacher professional development, curriculum resources, and teacher evaluation.
02/05/2013 353.8 KB Valerie Nyberg
This report details new approaches to evaluating teachers and explains their potential to strongly support the enactment of the Common Core standards and assessments.
11/21/2012 361.2 KB Alyssa M.
High Standards Help Struggling Students: New Evidence - from EdSector
08/28/2012 286 KB Site Admin
From CEP
11/10/2011 46.7 KB Site Admin
This document gives the background, purposes, and plan of work behind the College Readiness Partnership.
07/06/2011 250.9 KB Mandi Bozarth
Description of the Developmental Continuums/Tiered Licensure Strand.
05/12/2011 27.5 KB Site Admin
One of Utah's tools in the development of their standards
05/10/2011 397.4 KB Site Admin
Slides describing how the state of South Carolina is using in the InTASC standards, with details about how they ran their crosswalk between their standards and InTASC.
11/17/2010 1.9 MB Circe
ISLLC Standards: "Educational Leadership Policy Standards: ISLLC 2008" as Adopted by the National Policy Board for Educational Administration
11/17/2010 811.2 KB Circe
ISLLC: "Performance Expectations and Indicators for Education Leaders for Education Leaders"
11/12/2010 249.3 KB Kathleen
11/08/2010 940 KB Site Admin

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