• New State Educator Equity Plan

    Written by Terry / 3 days ago / 0 Comments

    Categories: Equity, About SCEE/CCSSO


    Just got back from a trip to DC where I was working with our Education Workforce Team at CCSSO to plan some of our future work. We spent some time talking about the Equity Plan each state will be required to submit to the U.S Department of Education. In the letter that Secretary Duncan send to school chiefs the Department will ask that: "in April 2015, each State educational agency (SEA) submit to the Department a new State Educator Equity Plan in accordance with the requirements of Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA). As required ..

  • Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) Second Webinar

    Written by Katrina / 14 days ago / 0 Comments

    CCSSO's Education Workforce and Education Data and Information Systems teams will be hosting the second joint webinar for states to learn more about the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS). This webinar will be a follow-up to the July 22nd conversation (which can be found here) and will include an in-depth demonstration of the data tools states and organizations can use to learn more about alignment of data systems.

    The webinar will be held on Tuesday, August 26th at 2PM EDT.

    As a reminder, the CEDS project is a national collaborative effort to develop voluntary, common data standards for a ..

  • Ethical Educational Leadership Development

    Written by Tim / on 08/06/2014 / 0 Comments

    Categories: Growth/Professional Development, Preparation, Leader Evaluation, Leaders are Readers, Members to Mention, Leadership


    As I look at the calendar, it is hard to believe we just started August. School starts so soon. Where did the summer go? As I reflect on what was the summer of 2014, I am able to remember intentional events to recharge, learn in a different a different setting and plan for the near future. Remember when things use to slow down a bit in the summer? Not so much now. Summer was also a time to enjoy my reading list that I kept adding to as the previous year past me by. Some for sheer entertainment and others for ..

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