• NSCEE Article on Arizona Department of Education

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    The Arizona Department of Education's (ADE) Highly Effective Teachers & Leaders (HETL) Division under the leadership of associate superintendent Cecilia Johnson and deputy associate superintendent Mark McCall, are hosting its seventh statewide summit, Summit VII Educator Evaluation Systems:  Lessons Learned February 28-29. 

    Outcomes of the summit include:

    ▪ Learn to purposely analyze evaluation system data to support professional learning and staff decisions;

    ▪ Share best practices of using evaluation systems effectively in districts;

    ▪ Explore the use of student achievement data in educator evaluation systems and programmatic discussions

    The Summit will also provide assistance to LEAs on how examine data literacy ..

  • New Bellwether reports on Teacher Preparation

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    Two new research reports on teacher preparation were released on Tuesday February 2nd, by Bellweather.

    The first paper, Peering Around the Corner, looks at 11 states that have attempted to link teachers back to the preparation programs that train them. For each state, they looked at how they're measuring and defining outcomes, how they're sharing the information with the public, and what, if any, accountability they're attaching to the results. Their intention is to guide to states' thinking about following suit, particularly if federal regulations come to fruition.


    The second paper, No Guarantees, is an attempt to take ..

  • Effectively Integrating Teacher Leadership into the System

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    ERS Teacher Leadership and Career Pathways Checklist

    Karen Hawley Miles, February 1, 2016

    Teacher leadership plays a critical role in schools that dramatically improve student performance. However, despite many well-intentioned efforts, teacher leadership initiatives rarely become a lasting part of the way schools and districts organize. The cause? Efforts are often implemented in a piecemeal fashion and/or trade-offs are not put in place to secure adequate resources to sustain them.

    To support districts in establishing teacher leadership programs that stick, ERS created the Teacher Leadership and Career Pathways Checklist, comprised of what we call the "must-dos" and "common missteps" for ..

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