Go to the Center on Great Teachers & Leaders Equity Toolkit webpage.  It is full of online tools, resources, and useful information! For more information about the Toolkit, click here. They have also provided an overview of their resources, here.

Equitable Access Final FAQ's.pdf

To access materials presented at the February Equity meeting, please visit the event app at: eventmobi.com/equityfeb2015.

NCEE Key findings on equitable access

Federal Excellent Educators for All Initiative memo

State Equity Plan Readiness Tool FINAL.docx

Comprehensive Stakeholder Engagement Guide.pdf

Stakeholder Engagement online guide and supporting materials

Root Cause Analysis workbook.docx                       Data Review Tool.pdf

 Root Cause Analysis Workbook webpage                              Data Tool review resources

 Updated Sampe Equity Plan.doc                           Sample plan template.docx

 Sample Equity Timeline Plan.doc                             Planning timeline template.docx

 Talen Development Framework.pdf                          TA Resources Overview.docx

Technical Assistance Memo.docx                              Equitable Access FAQs Final (3).pdf                           

USED letter to Chiefs


  • ESSA New Student Group Requirement

    Posted by Katrina / on 08/11/2016 / 0 Comments

    Categories: Equity, Report/Resource, About SCEE/CCSSO, NCLB/ESEA, Data

    ESSA requires that states now report separately on students who are homeless, in foster care, or military-connected.  These students are highly mobile and will require extra attention to ensure that their needs are met.  Ed Week recently published an article regarding the data requirements of meeting these new requirements and addressing the needs of some of our most vulnerable students.  Check out the link below to read the full article and learn more.


  • Teachers Union Leaders Support Equity (in Theory) Or, Why We Can’t Have Nice Things In Education

    Posted by Angie / on 06/16/2016 / 0 Comments

    Categories: Equity, NCLB/ESEA


    An opinion piece by By Chad Aldeman

    How should public policies address inequities across schools and districts? American Federation of Teacher President Randi Weingarten says we hold schools accountable for how much money they have and the types of programs they build with that money. Testifying before the Senate in February, she articulated her vision for accountability systems:

    Accountability systems should measure and reflect this broader vision of learning by using a framework of indicators for school success centered on academic outcomes, opportunity to learn, and engagement and support. For example, the AFT recommends academic outcomes measured by assessments, progress toward ..

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CCSSO is partnering with the American Institutes for Research on the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders.

The GTL Center's Moving Toward Equity tool is a great resource as states work on ensuring equitable access to effective teaching.  


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