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(10/31/2013) Report: Teacher-Evaluation Policies Becoming Increasingly 'Rigorous'Education Week

(10/30/2013) Feds set price of defiance on standardized tests: at least $15 million, John Fensterwald, EdSource

(10/28/2013) Illinois Is Among Outliers With No NCLB Waiver, Michele McNeil, Education Week 

(10/26/2013) Teachers jump-start turnaround at White Center Heights Elementary, Clauia Rowe, Seattle Times

(10/25/2013) New Report Features Expert Perspectives on the Future of Teacher Preparation in the Transition to Digital LearningAlliance Excellent Education 

(10/23/2013) Common-Core Study: Teachers Aiming Too Low With Reading Assignments, Catherine Gewertz, Education Week

(10/22/2013) Common Core and Disadvantaged Students, Thomas Toch, Education Week 

(10/20/2013) ‘An Industry of Mediocrity', Bill Keller, New York Times 

(10/17/2013) Q&A: Melinda Gates Talks Teacher QualityEducation Week 

(10/15/2013) Florida State Board Reviews Common Core Standards, Kathleen McGrory, Miami Herald

(10/14/2013) Group Proposes Safeguard on the personal Data of School Children, Natasha Singer, New York Times

(10/11/2013) Common-Core Rollout Ripe for Studying, Experts Say, Sarah D. Sparks,Education Week 

(10/9/2013) How States Evaluate Teachers Varies Widely, Adrienne Lu, Pew Charitable Trusts 

(10/9/2013) Stubborn Skills Gap In America's Workforce, Eduardo Porter, New York Times 

(10/5/2013) Deciding Who Sees Student Data, Natasha Singer, New York Times

(10/2/2013) Looking for School Improvement Ideas Beyond Our Borders, Helene Janc Malone, Education Week 

(10/1/2013) The Shutdown and Education, Alyson Klein, Education Week

(10/1/2013) State Chiefs Set Criteria for 'High-Quality' Assessment, Catherine Gewertz, Education Week


(9/27/2013) Three Sisters (Not Chekhov's), Joe Norcera, New York Times

(9/25/2013) Pathway for the Future of Education, Lillian Pace, Education Week 

(9/24/2013) Common Core name changes, standards remainArizona Daily Star

(9/23/2013) What Every Child Can Learn from Kentucky, Amanda Ripley, TIME Magazine

(9/20/2013) U.S House Kicks off Career and Technical Education Legislation, Alyson Klein, Education Week

(9/18/2013) Why the New Teacher Ed. Standards Matter, Mary Brabeck & Christopher Koch, Education Week

(9/19/2013)Classroom Portfolios Used as Alternative Teacher-Leader Model, Erik W. Robelen, Education Week

(9/19/2013) National Board to Partner with States, Districts and the Profession in $15M SEED Grant Project, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

(9/17/2013) National-Board Certification To Be Cheaper, Smoother: Teachers to Get More Leeway to Earn Seal, Stephen Sawchuk, Education Week

(9/17/2013) Brown not backing away from decision to suspend state standardized tests, John Fensterwald, EdSource

(9/14/2013) Can Emotional Intelligence Be Taught?, Jennifer Kahn, New York Times

(9/6/2013) California Lifts One-Year Cap on Teacher-Prep Programs, Stephen Sawchuk, Education Week


(8/26/2013) For Rural Teachers, Support Is a Click Away, Stephen Sawchuk, Education Week

(8/29/2013) Arne Duncan Attaches More Strings to NCLB Waivers, Michele McNeil, Education Week

(8/27/1013) Judge delays release of Los Angeles teacher ratings, Teresa Watanabe, Los Angeles Times

(8/25/2013) America's kids need a better education law, Arne DuncanWashington Post

(8/22/2013) Campaign Announced Against Maine's Common Core Education Standards, Caitlin Burchill, WABI Denver

(8/20/2013) Turnarounds Take Leadership, Humility, Marshall Tuck and Colleen OliverEducation Week

(8/17/2013) AP-NORC Poll: Parents Back High-Stakes Testing, Philip Elliott and Jennifer Agiesta, Associated Press

(8/16/13) Critics Blast Away at California Districts' Waivers, Michele McNeil and Lesli A. Maxwell, Education Week

(8/14/2013) Seeking Better Teachers, City Evaluates Local Colleges That Train Them, Javier C. Hernandez, New York Times

(8/12/2013) Feds Grant Maine No Child Left Behind Waiver, Keith Shortall, Main Public Broadcasting Network

(8/12/13) The Common Core: Why Some Private Schools Are Signing On, Carol Thomas, Education Week

(8/6/2013) A $147 Million Signal of Faith in Atlanta's Public Schools, Kim Severson, New York Times

(8/6/2013) U.S. Department of Education Grants California Districts' CORE Waiver, Michele McNeil, Education Week

(8/4/2013) Results of New Testing Standard Could Complicate Bloomberg's Final Months, Javier C. Hernandez, New York Times

(8/3/2013) The $4 Million Teacher, Amanda Ripley, Wall Street Journal

(8/2/2013) Study Highlights Challenges in Recruiting, Retaining Good Teachers in Rural Districts, Diette Courrégé Casey, Education Week

JULY 2013

(7/29/2013) In Race to the Top, Hawaii Finally Shakes 'High-Risk' Label, Michele McNeil, Education Week

(7/27/2013) Dream Deferred: Are We Leaving Black Students Behind?, Joy Resmovits, Huffington Post

(7/25/2013) Stuck in the PARCCing lot, Kathleen Porter-Magee, Thomas B. Fordham Institute

(7/25/2013) Improving Licensure Standards To Meet Rising Teacher Expectations, Chris Minnich (guest blogger), ASCD Inservice

(7/25/2013) TFA On Teacher Layoffs In Chicago: Corps Members Won't Take The Jobs, Rebecca Klein, Huffington Post

(7/24/2013) How Did Sequestration Impact K-12 Schools, Alyson Klein, Education Week

(7/24/2013) What Teacher Pay Looks Like In The Rest Of The World, Sam Ro, Business Insider

(7/23/2013) Teachers Hit The Books To Master New Education Standards, Cory Turner, NPR

(7/23/2013) In Denver, Duncan promotes preschool expansion and K-12 tax measure, Maura Walz, EdNews Colorado

(7/22/2013) Georgia decides against offering 'Common Core' standardized test, Wayne Washington, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

(7/22/2013) What parents really think about school reform, Valerie Strauss, Washington Post

(7/19/2013) House passes partisan NCLB rewrite, but rocky road still ahead, Alison Klein, Education Week

(7/18/2013) Diversity at issue as states weigh teacher entry, Stephen Sawchuck, Education Week 

(7/13/2013) The Trouble With Testing Mania, Editorial Board, New York Times

(7/12/2013) Tougher Requirements Ahead for Teacher Prep, Stephen Sawchuk, Education Week

(7/11/2013) Malloy Would Spare Students a Standardized Test Double-Whammy, Johanna Somers, The Day

(7/11/2013) Governing Education: Is It Possible? Marc Tucker, Education Week

(07/08/2013) Taking charge: A state-level agenda for higher education reform, Andrew P. Kelly, Daniel K. Lautzenheiser, American Enterprise Institute

(07/08/2013) What to Watch in House No Child Left Behind Renewal Debate Alyson Klein, Education Week

(7/01/2013) Education Program's Data Collection On Kids Angers Critics, Cory Turner, NPR

JUNE 2013

(6/21/2013) New Science Standards Designed for Wide Range of Learners, Leslie A. Maxwell, Education Week

(6/18/2013) Education Chief Lets States Delay Use of Tests in Decisions about Teachers' Jobs, Motoko Rich, The New York Times

(6/18/2013) Common Core: Setting the Record Straight, Richard Laine and Chris Minnich, Education Week

(6/18/2013) Disputed Review Finds Disparities in Teacher Prep, Stephen Sawchuk, Education Week

(6/15/2013) Can School Reform Hurt Communities?, Sarah Carr, The New York Times, Opinion

(6/13/2013) InTASC Uses School Improvement Network's E-Reader Platform, LumiBook to Release New Teaching Standards, Business Wire, The Wall Street Journal

(6/12/2013) NASBE Awards Grants To Help States Examine And Improve School Discipline And Practices, PRN-Newswire-USNewswire, The Wall Street Journal

(6/11/2013) Time for Progress in Teacher Prep, Edward Crowe, Michael Allen & Charles Coble, Education Week

(6/10/2013) Annual report card for parents part of new CPS education plan, Noreen S. Ahmed-Ullah, Chicago Tribune

(6/5/2013) A Proposal for Better Growth Measures, Tom Vander Ark, Education Week's blog Innovation

(6/4/2013) Senate Democrats to Unveil NCLB Reauthorization Bill, Alyson Klein, Education Week's blog Politics K-12

(6/2/2013) Teacher Assessments Extending to Art and Gym, Javier Hernandez, The New York Times

MAY 2013

(5/29/2013) Common Core Online Practice Tests Unveiled, Sean Cavanagh, Education Week's blog Digital Education

(5/28/2013) State Chiefs: Common Core Requires Flexibility, Not a Pause, Michele McNeil, Education Week's blog Politics K-12

(5/28/2013) How to Get a Job, Thomas L. Friedman, The New York Times, Opinion page

(5/20/2013) Teacher training programs grapple with recruitment, Sarah Butrymowicz, The Hechinger Report

(5/19/2013) Hickenlooper and Johnston: Revamp teacher licensing in Colorado, John Hickenlooper and Michael Johnston, Denver Post

(5/14/2013) Common Core Supporters Firing Back, Andrew Ujifusa, Education Week

(5/14/2013) Florida Teacher lawsuit Could Spread to Other States, Dylan Scott, Governing

(5/9/2013) Student-Achievement Goals at Issue in Senate NCLB Renewal Effort, Alyson Klein, Education Week's blog Politics K-12

(5/7/2013) L.A. mayoral candidates support making teacher evaluations public, Seema Mehta, Howard Blume, & Michael Finnegan, Los Angeles Times

(5/7/2013) Diversity at Issue as States Weight Teacher Entry, Stephen Sawchuk, Education Week

(5/7/2013) Georgia releases new grades for public schools, Associated Press, San Francisco Chronicle

(5/7/2013) Rifts Deepen Over Direction of Ed. Policy in U.S., Michele McNeil, Education Week

(5/2/2013) Figuring Out How to Give Teachers Useful Feedback, Morgan Smith, The New York Times

APRIL 2013

(4/30/2013) Union Chief Recommends Delay in Use of Test Scores, Javier Hernandez, The New York Times

(4/30/2013) PARCC Releases Blueprint and Test Specification Documents, Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC)

(4/29/2013) Want to Build a Better Teacher Evaluation? Ask a Teacher, Ross Weiner and Kasia Lundy, Education Week, Commentary

(4/23/2013) Florida Enacts Sweeping Education Changes, Kathleen McGrory, Governing

(4/22/2013) Wash. state man is national teacher of the Year, Donna Gordon Blankinship, The Miami Herald

(4/20/2013) Questioning the Mission of College, Frank Bruni, The New York Times, Opinion

(4/18/2013) It's Official! US Department of Education Approves First College to Ditch the Credit Hour, Amy Laitinen, New American Foundation

(4/19/2013) TFA Alumni Aid New Teachers in New Orleans, Jaclyn Zubrzychi, Education Week

(4/16/2013) Arne Duncan Urges Business Leaders to Defend Common Core, Andrew Ujifusa, Education Week

(4/16/2013) Teachers in Florida sue state claiming job evaluation system is unfair, Lyndsey Layton, The Washington Post

(4/16/2013) Florida Unions Sue Over Test-Score-Based Evaluations, Stephen Sawchuk, Education Week

(4/13/2013) Helping Teachers Learn, Brent Staples, The New York Times, Opinion

(4/12/2013) Interest in teaching continues to drop in California, Teresa Watanabe, Los Angeles Times

(4/12/2013) Teachers: Will We Ever Learn? Jal Mehta, The New York Times, Opinion

(4/8/2013) On Teacher Evaluation, Between Myth And Facts Lies Truth, Matthew DiCarlo, Shanker Blog

(4/6/2013) Teacher's resignation letter: 'My longer exists,' Valerie Strauss, Washington Post

(4/3/2013) Why The State Board Will Have to Revisit REPA II Licensure Rules, Elle Moxley, StateImpact NPR

(4/3/2013) Bill Gates: A fairer way to evaluate teachers, Bill Gates, Washington Post, Opinion

(4/2/2013) My Little (Global) School, Thomas Friedman, New York Times, Opinion

(4/1/2013) The Ladder Lesson, Lawrence Harmon, The Boston Globe

MARCH 2013

(3/31/2013) Debate grows over merit pay plan for teachers in Florida, Kathleen McGrory, Miami Herald

(3/30/2013) Curious Grade for all Teachers: Nearly All Pass, Jenny Anderson, New York Times

(3/27/2013) US Ed Department agrees to review 9 districts' plan for NCLB waiver, John Fensternwald, Ed Source

(3/25/2013) Six Steps to Effective Teacher Development and Evaluation, Vicki Phillips and Randi Weingarten, New Republic

(3/25/2013) Teacher-Prep Programs Zero In on Effective 'Practice,' Stephen Sawchuk, Education Week

(3/19/2013) Minority Groups Remain Outnumbered at Teaching Programs, Study Reports, Motoko Rich, New York Times

(3/11/2013) Administration and Teachers' Union Collaborate in Providence, John Wilson, Education Week

(3/11/2013) Commission Calls for 'Radically Different' Tests, Sarah D. Sparks, Education Week

(3/5/2013) School Climate: Missing Link in Principal Training, Sarah D. Sparks, Education Week

(3/5/2013) Districts Tying Principal Reviews to Test Scores, Jaclyn Zubrzycki, Education Week

(3/5/2013) New Evaluations for Principals, New Equity Issues, Jaclyn Zubrzycki, Education Week

(3/5/2013) Making Teacher Evaluation a Launch Pad for Growth, Angela Minnici and Ellen Behrstock-Sherrat, Education Week

(3/4/2013) Teacher-Evaluation Plans Bedevil Waiver States, Michele McNeil, Education Week

(3/1/2013) Pennsylvania, Texas, Wyoming Apply for NCLB Waivers, Michele McNeil, Education Week's blog, Politics K-12

(3/1/2013) Q & A: Federal K-12 Policy Chief Shares Outlook, Michele McNeil, Education Week


(2/26/2013) Teachers Say They Are Unprepared for Common Core, Catherine Gewertz, Education Week

(2/25/2013) Poll Finds Teacher Satisfaction, but Reports Skew Results, Andrew Rotherham, Real Clear Politics

(2/21/2013) The Common Core Implementation Gap, Andy Smarick, Education Next

(2/20/2013) Cuomo Plan Would Let State Take Control of City's Teacher Evaluation System, Al Baker, New York Times

(2/19/2013) Federal Commission Urges Bold Steps to Boost Education Equity, Michele McNeil, Education Week's blog, Politics K-12

(2/16/2013) Deasy wants 30% of teacher evaluations based on test scores, Howard Blume, Los Angeles Times

(2/15/2013) Overhaul of Teacher-Prep Standards Targets Recruitment, Performance, Stephen Sawchuk, Education Week's blog, Teacher Beat

(2/14/2013) Teacher Quality: Three Views of How to Get It, Marc Tucker, Education Week's blog, Top Performers

(2/13/2013) An Opportunity to Talk about Testing, Celine Coggins, Education Week Commentary

(2/8/2013) L.A. teachers union wins grant for school-reform model, Los Angeles Times

(2/7/2013) Waivers and ESEA Renewal Get Hard Look From Senators, Alyson Klein, Education Week's blog, Politics K-12

(2/4/2013) Pressure Mounts in Some States Against Common Core, Andrew Ujifusa, Education Week


(1/31/2013) DOE Releases School-Level Assessment Data in Reading and Math for All Schools for 2008-2009 to 2010-2011, USED Press Release

(1/31/2013) Teachers and Policy Makers: Troubling Disconnect, Sara Mosle, New York Times, The Opinion Pages

(1/28/2013) Bloomberg Asks for Legislature's Help in Teacher Evaluation Fight, Thomas Kaplan, New York Times

(1/27/2013) La. education official denies report on instructor training, Will Sentell, The Advocate

(1/24/2013) Taking Back Teaching: Educators organize to influence policy and their profession, Richard Lee Colvin, Education Next

(1/23/2013) Colleges Overproducing Elementary Teachers, Data Find, Stephen Sawchuk, Education Week

(1/17/2013) No Deal on Teacher Evaluations; City Risks Losing $450 Million, Al Baker and Marc Santora, New York Times

(1/15/2013) Arne Duncan Eyes NCLB Waiver for Handful of Calif. Districts, Alyson Klein, Education Week's blog, Politics K-12

(1/8/2013) Combined Measures Better at Gauging Teacher Effectiveness, Study Finds, by Stephen Sawchuk, Education Week

(1/7/2013) Reading the Future of Education Policy, by Jeffrey Henig, Education Week

(1/4/2013) States Show Spotty Progress on Education Gauges, Amy M. Hightower, Education Week


(12/20/12) International Tests Spark Questions on Finland's Standing, by Erik Robelen, Education Week

(12/17/12) NEA, AFT Partner to Build Common-Core Tools, by Catherine Gewertz, Education Week

(12/17/12) Teacher Retention: It Feels Good Not Wanting to Quit Everyday, by Marilyn Rhames, EdWeek Teacher


(11/30/12) Student Scores May Be Used in LAUSD Teacher Ratings, by Teresa Watanbe and Howard Blume, LA Times

(11/29/12) Standardized Testing Costs States $1.7 Billion a Year, Study Says, by Andrew Ujifusa, Education Week

(11/29/12) Michigan Unveils Teacher Effectiveness Ratings, With Accuracy Doubt, by Lori Higgins (Detroit Free Press), Education Week's blog Teacher

(11/28/12) Duncan Sharpens Second-Term Agenda, Stresses Teacher Quality, by Michele McNeil, Education Week's blog, Politics K-12

(11/28/12) Teacher as Learning Designer, by Andrew K. Miller, Huffington Post Education 

(11/26/12) Paying Attention to Teachers' Working Conditions, by John Wilson, John Wilson Unleashed (Education Week)

(11/25/12) Can You REALLY Describe Good Teaching? by CBirk, Connected Principals

(11/25/12) L.A.'s Revamped Teacher Evaluation System Getting Mixed Grades, by Teresa Watanbe & Stephen Ceasar, LA Times

(11/25/12) Teacher Raises Earlier in Career Correlate to Better Student Performance: Study, by Huffington Post Education

(11/19/12) NCLB Reauthorization Debate Likely to Continue in Obama Second Term, by Joy Resmovits, Huffington Post Education 

(11/17/12) Louisiana Launches Controversial New Teacher Evaluations to Praise, Fear, by Andrew Vanacore, The Hechinger Report

(11/16/12) Duncan Sketches Out Second-Term Agenda, by Michele McNeil, Education Week's blog, Politics K-12

(11/15/12) SUNY Works to Better Prepare Teachers for State Standards, by Jessica Bakeman, the Albany Bureau 

(11/14/12) Former NYC Schools Head Joel Klein: We Need a Bar Exam for Educators, by Jordan Weissmann, The Atlantic

(11/14/12) Panel: Higher Ed. Institutions Have a Role in Teacher Evaluation Reform, by Jamaal Abdul-Alim, Diverse Education

(11/8/12) Student Achievement Could Be Part of Teacher Evaluations, by Michelle Theriault Boots, the Anchorage Daily News  

(11/6/12) Closing the Teacher-Development Gap, by Jack Gillette, Education Week

(11/5/12) A Better Way to Grade Teachers, by Linda Darling-Hammond, LA Times

(11/2/12) Teacher Quality: Who's on Which Side and Why, by Marc Tucker, Education Week


(10/31/12) CRPE Partners on New Building State Capacity and Productivity Center, Center on Reinventing Public Education Press Release

(10/28/12) Measuring the Worth of a Teacher? by Teresa Watanbe, LA Times

(10/28/12) Raise Scores with Teacher Prep, Not Test Prep, by David Ginsburg, Education Week's blog, Teacher

(10/25/12) NJ Education Chief Can Impose Salary Caps on Superintendents, Appellate Panel Rules, by Mary Ann Spoto, The Star-Ledger 

(10/23/12) Blended PD Emphasizes Differentiated Instruction, by Robin Flanigan, Education Week

(10/17/12) Obama Administration Approves Idaho's Request for NCLB Flexibility, by Steve Bertel, 

(10/17/12) National Teacher of the Year: Give Us a Career Path, by Liana Heitin, Education Week's Teacher blog 

(10/17/12) Newark Teachers Strike Historic Deal Including Bonuses for Top Educators, by Kelly Heyboer, the NJ Star-Ledger

(10/15/12) Seeking Aid, School Districts Change Teacher Evaluations, by Motoko Rich, New York Times 

(10/14/12) Want to Ruin Teaching? Give Ratings, by Deborah Kenny, New York Times

(10/12/12) Obama, Romney Have Similar Basic Views on Education, by Howard Blume, LA Times

JULY 2012

(7/31/12) Analyses Find Staffing Changes Could Double Teacher Pay by Liana Heitin, Education Week

(7/30/12) 'Irreplaceable' Teachers Retained Poorly, TNTP Education Report Finds, by Joy Resmovits, Huffington Post

(7/26/12) States with Education Waivers Offers Varied Goals, by Motoko Rich, New York Times

(7/25/12) How to Build a Better Teacher, by Ray Fisman, Slate

(7/25/12) CPS to hire 477 teachers for longer school day, by Noreen S. Ahmed-Ulah and Kristen Mack Chicago Tribune

(7/22/12) State teacher-training program costly, by Associated Press, Daily Herald

(7/18/12) Report: Stimulus Funding Saved Teaching Jobs, by Dylan Scott, Governing

(7/17/12) Sacramento Teachers Sue over Layoff Policy, by Melody Gutierrez, Sacramento Bee

(7/17/12) TN Education Reform Hits Bump in Teacher Evaluation, by Tony Gonzalez, The Tennesssean

(7/11/12) Bill Gates Talks Teacher Evaluation, Common Core at ECS Forum, by Andrew Ujufusa, Education Week's blog, State EdWatch

(7/6/12) Finland Rethinks Factory-Style School Buildings, by Sarah D. Sparks, Education Week

(7/3/12) Part of Georgia RTTT Grant Put on High-Risk Status, by Alyson Klein, Education Week'sblog, Politics K-12

(7/3/12) Illinois Pressured to Push Up Teacher Evaluations, by Diane Rado, Chicago Tribune

JUNE 2012

(6/29/12) Five More States Get NCLB Waivers, by Alyson Klein, Education Week's blog, Politics K-12

(6/27/12) Teach for America Alums Run for Office Over Union Objections, by Ben Wieder, Stateline

(6/25/12) Sweeping NJ Teacher's Tenure Bill Passes Legislature, Heads to Governor Christie's Desk, by Salvador Rizzo, The Star-Ledger (

(6/25/12) Despite Mass Layoffs, Board Hires 50 from Teach for America, by Paul Takahashi (Las Vegas Sun), via Education Week's blog, Teacher

(6/21/12) Making Teacher Evaluations Public...What's the Point? by Peter Dewitt, Education Week's blog, Finding Common Ground

(6/22/12) States Raise the Bar With Standards Implementation, Commentary by Gene Wilhoit, Education Week

(6/21/12) Albany to Limit the Disclosure of Teacher Evaluations, by Thomas Kaplan, New York


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