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Performance, Value, and Accountability:

Public Policy Goals and Legal Implications of the Use of Performance Assessments in the Preparation and Licensing of Educators

This resource addresses legal issues in the use of educator performance assessments as evidence for initial state licensure and for program approval and accountability in educator preparation programs. It describes individual, institutional, and governmental interests in the use of performance assessments and discusses associated legal issues. It considers traditional types of legal claims and also anticipates new types of potential legal challenges.

Throughout the paper, practitioners are offered checklists of considerations for creating and implementing policies arising from the legal issues discussed.

Diana Pullin's speech on the topic is provided below for members-only as a full 56-minute podcast with slides, as well as sectioned into shorter bites between 4-10 minutes in length each.


Click the "podcast" icon to the left to listen to Diana Pullin's full 56-minute presentation at the May 2014 SCEE Summit.  In the Shorter Bites below, the presentation is broken down into several shorter segments, running 4-12 minutes in length each.  Click the cover above to read Diana's full paper.


1.Click the icon to watch the 4 1/2-minute section that provides the overview that "Context Counts and Deference Makes a Difference."   

2. Click to watch the 4-minute section on "The value of setting clear goals and a well-grounded theory of action." Refer to pages 1-2 in the paper. 

3. Click to watch the 10-minute section on "Constitutional Issues." Refer to pages 2-7 in the paper

4.Click to watch the 4-minute section on "Federal Statutory Issues." Refer to pages 7-11 in the paper. 

5.Click to watch the 5 1/2-minute section on "Legal Issues Concerning the Quality of the Assessments." Refer to pages 11-14 in the paper. 

6.Click to watch the 11 1/2-minute section on "Next Generation Issues" related to "Privacy Laws." Refer to pages 14-213 in the paper.

7.Click to watch the 8 1/2-minute section on "Next Generation Issues" related to "The Business Context." Refer to pages 23-26 in the paper.

8.Click to watch the 2-minute "Conclusion." Refer to pages 26-27 in the paper. 


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