State Policy Scans

This resource page is provided as a way to help states consider the various complex issues involved with creating new evaluation systems and supports for teachers. Click on the icons below to access online 50 state scans of policies and policy considerations. Click on links to recently published policy briefs regarding various characteristics regarding educator effectiveness and evaluation.  Please note that neither CCSSO nor SCEE endorse the policy scans and reports contained on this page.

SCEE State Policy Database

This SCEE database provides information on State Board of Education action and policies and state legislation in all fifty states and the District of Columbia in the area of teacher evaluation systems taken from January 2010 to September 2012.

Entries include a summary of the actions or reports and a link to the legislative language or state board minutes.

This database was compiled by conducting a comprehensive search of state websites. We invite members to provide additional information on executive orders, regulations and guidance, as well as any prior or future legislative and State Board of Education actions or reports. We also invite members to add information about evaluation policies for school leaders. Email additional information to

State Teacher Education Policies (STEP)

The National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality has compiled the STEP Database, which synthesizes legislation and formal guidance from 17 states. This is a helpful resource to states who are still finding their way through the teacher evaluation system process. Users can compare three states, look at individual components, or look at one component across states. This resource helps delineate the various decision points involved in creating new teacher evaluation systems.

Review of State Policies on Teacher Induction

New Teacher Center's Review of State Policies on Teacher Induction provides a comprehensive look at induction policies in each of the 50 states. For each state, NTC summarizes existing policies related to 10 criteria critical to the provision of universal, high-quality induction and mentoring support for beginning educators. The state summaries capture all relevant policies, statutes, regulations, induction program standards, and other guidance on new teacher induction and mentoring.

This interactive map lets you scroll over states for a short summary and link to each state report.

2011 State Teacher Policy Yearbook National Report

This is the fifth annual edition of the National Council on Teacher Quality's Yearbook, which reviews of the laws and regulations governing the teaching profession in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. This report gives a grade to state policies and has been has been somewhat controversial in the field.

This map provides links to each state report card.

State of the States: Trends and Early Lessons on Teacher Evaluation and Effectiveness Policies

From the National Council on Teacher Quality, this paper provides a 50-state overview of teacher effectiveness policies and looks in-depth at the characteristics of the 17 states and the District of Columbia Public Schools that are giving student achievement a significant, objective, meaningful and measurable role in how teacher performance is assessed.


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