Summit 2013


The Summit 2013 agenda is available HERE. All other institute resources are located in the SCEE Summit 2013  file cabinet.

Use the following links for quick access to these folders: 


  • Clarify our collective and state-specific visions of what we want education to look like in 2020
  • Ensure alignment of and continue to work on implementing educator effectiveness system components that will help us reach those visions
  • Build SEA staff capacity to implement our visions by
    • Collaboratively problem solving real problems of practice, including calling out and addressing our greatest uncertainties
    • Sharing promising state strategies and policies for addressing educator workforce issues
    • Planning and determining activities for furthering the educator workforce agenda in individual states
  • Remind ourselves that everything we do is for the children


The Summit will feature concurrent breakout sessions organized by theme.  These breakout "strands" will take place over two days of the Summit.  One strand is the Continuous Improvement of Support and Evaluation Systems.  We invite two people from each state to take part in this breakout strand.  

The content for the Continuous Improvement strand will be organized around real "problems of practice" that state teams are facing.  Each state team should be prepared to share a problem of practice with a small-group of colleagues.  

Click HERE for tips about how to define a problem of practice for this purpose. 

On March 26, we presented an optional webinar for participants preparing a problem of practice.  Click HERE to download the webinar PPT. 

SCEE Members may watch the webinar be clicking below. (The recording is password protected; click HERE for the password to access the recordings.  You must be a member of SCEE Overall to open this link.  If you have trouble with audio, try using your headphones.)  

       Streaming                 Download

(You also may wish to review the SCEE webinar on developing your Theory of Action.)

Please contact Naz Rajput,, with any questions.  


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