A New NASBE State Policy Database Release

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A new and updated State Policy Database, a collection of regulations and practices that govern state education systems in all states and US territories is available from NASBE. The official launch is May, but you can access the database featuring a college, career, and civic readiness policy area covering academic standards, student assessment systems, educator licensure, and other issues affecting student learning that fall under the authority of state boards of education now.

As many of our members plan their direction, work with their legislatures, and follow-up with role-alike colleagues to discern lessons learned, there is an interest in current policies in other states to help target discussions. The NASBE State Policy Database is a great resource for anyone seeking a greater understanding of or specific data on education policymaking at the state level.

The NASBE State Policy Database collects regulations and practices governing state education systems in all states and US territories. The database covers a broad range of topics that fall under the authority of state boards of education with varying specificity depending on the governance model each state has adopted.

The database is currently divided into two broad policy areas: college, career, and civic readiness (CCCR), and health. Other areas will be added later. Policies in the CCCR database cover academic standards, student assessment systems, educator licensure, and other issues affecting student learning. 

You can currently browse policies by the Category of Educator Effectiveness or Student Learning Standards and Assessments. Or you can browse by State. You also have the option of an advanced search method. Use the link http://statepolicies.nasbe.org/college-careers to access these options.

Their database is compiled entirely from public sources, and every effort was made to ensure it reflects the most up-to-date and accurate data available. Sometimes, though, they admit there are errors due to a host of variables. If errors or inaccurate information are discovered for your state, please contact NASBEdatabase@nasbe.org  and they will make corrections.

According to the NASBE website, "While every state defines the scope of board responsibility differently, virtually every state board of education has responsibility for the following:

  • setting statewide curriculum standards
  • establishing high school graduation requirements
  • establishing state accountability and assessment programs
  • determining qualifications for professional education personnel
  • establishing standards for accreditation of local school districts and preparation programs for teachers and administrators
  • implementing and administering federal programs
  • developing rules and regulations for administering state programs
  • developing policies that govern the health and safety of children while they are in school, from the administration of medications to building codes to student discipline policies

Policies in NASBE's State Policy Database reflect these important authorities. The database contains complete listings or descriptions of laws, rules, regulations, administrative orders, mandates, standards, and resolutions that govern and help ensure educational quality and student safety in US schools." 




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