Data Informs Promising Principal Program after 2 years: Supervisor Professional Standards Operationalized?

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With the Principal Pipeline work that Maryland has been involved with for years, and the support of the Wallace Foundation in the CCSSO efforts, two important projects are coming into focus as the pending ESSA implementation and how resources will be allocated conversation begins.

A CCSSO webinar was presented last week with Mary Canole (School Leadership Consultant) and Dave Volrath (Planning & Development Officer: Maryland State Department of Education) sharing the results of the Model Principal Supervisor Professional Standards and how Maryland is operationalizing this work. The Standards were released in Dec 2015, however with the current ESSA implementation planning in the states, this webinar was both informational and timely. To listen to the webinar in its entirety you can use the link Play recording (58 min 28 sec). And/or you can view the PowerPoint slides. Principal supervisors webinar.FINAL_5.19.16.pptx

The eight Standards are set up as a part of three categories; Ed Leadership, District Operations and District Leadership (for a quick review of the standards and link to the entire document view the bottom of this post).

What is exciting is the feedback that Maryland leadership has received from the program that demonstrates the importance and identification of these standards. When asked "Q: The opportunity to participate in the Promising Principals Academy provided professional development tailored to my future job as a school-based principal." (n=47) and the response was 45 strongly agree and 2 agree... the professional value is clear to this type of program The survey questions also give other state leadership ideas as to the logistics of the program in supporting their principal candidates. Many of these strategies can be helpful in creating a program to support existing school leaders as well. To view the entire results of the survey questions and results see

And for more from first person perspective as a narrative of the Promising principal class view Tim Dove.

Principal Supervisor Standards
To find and review the principal supervisor standards you can use this link:

Quick Overview

Category 1: Educational Leadership

Standard 1. Principal Supervisors dedicate their time to helping principals grow as instructional leaders.

Standard 2. Principal Supervisors coach and support individual principals and engage in effective professional learning strategies to help principals grow as instructional leaders.

Standard 3. Principal Supervisors use evidence of principals' effectiveness to determine necessary improvements in principals' practice to foster a positive educational environment that supports the diverse cultural and learning needs of students.

Standard 4. Principal Supervisors engage principals in the formal district principal evaluation process in ways that help them grow as instructional leaders.

Category 2: District Operations

Standard 5. Principal Supervisors advocate for and inform the coherence of organizational vision, policies and strategies to support schools and student learning.

Standard 6. Principal Supervisors assist the district in ensuring the community of schools with which they engage are culturally/socially responsive and have equitable access to resources necessary for the success of each student.

Category 3: District Leadership

Standard 7. Principal Supervisors engage in their own development and continuous improvement to help principals grow as instructional leaders.

Standard 8: Principal Supervisors lead strategic change that continuously elevates the performance of schools and sustains high-quality educational programs and opportunities across the district.



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